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2018 Update
This game is awesome! You should buy a deck! Really. You can play with up to 10 people with one deck! If you haven't played it you are missing out.

In case you were wondering: Yes our website is old-school, not created with Wix; Yes the money will go to support poor children (my own); Yes you should buy a deck of cards and follow us on Facebook (also old-school, just like us).

We are on and we have old videos on a YouTube account that we no longer know the password to (seriously).

Deck of Cards - $13


The Ultimate Showdown was created by two young adults who wanted a wider variety of options while playing card games. "When facing a water elemental I didn't want my only option to be using a fire spectre to beat it; what if i wanted to use a shaman that created a blizzard or something like that... so I thought up the game," Steven (co-creater of The Ultimate Showdown). The Ultimate Showdown is a game of creativity and fun... a game where anything can and does happen. The outcome is limited by a persons creativity not what cards are in their hand. Why play in someone else's world when you can create your own. The game is just as much fun to watch as it is to play.