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This will be a beautiful timeline of everything having to do with our game...

Game History

The game was thought up in the mind of Steven Taylor. In 2009 Steven teamed up with David Quinton who put feet onto the game by helping create a solid set of rules for how to play the game. A demo deck was made with the newly created set of rules and play-testing began. Artists were then contacted and work began on producing a final product. The game was finished along with the website a week before the scheduled launch at Sakura-con.

The game first debuted at Sakura-con in 2010. It was very successful selling to about half of the people who played the game. Around 200 decks were sold in the three days. Around 300 decks were sold the first year but no marketing was done. Along the way Steven Taylor chose to step away from the business to pursue other things. I (David Quinton) have been working and going to school but am making a renewed effort this year (2014) to promote the game, primarily because of all the great feedback and enjoyment people got from playing the game.