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Summary of Rules

The gist of the game is that you have cards in your hand that represent different characters. You are able to use these cards to conquer, control, or disable, the opposing card(s) to win The Ultimate Showdown.

How to Play

Shuffle cards and deal an equal amount to each player, this is their deck. Each player draws three cards.

At the beginning of each player's turn an extra card is drawn from their deck before choosing one to lay (Rule not included in First Edition rules)

The initiating player begins play; in a series of games the winner goes first. The first player plays a card naming and describing it. The picture on the card must be referenced and only played as one thing. Turn order goes clockwise; the next player will play a card in an attempt to defeat, gain control of, or disable the card(s) in play by naming their card and describing how the opposing card was conquered. The defensive player has the ability to defend themselves once per turn as does the attacker. When defeated, the player will remove their defeated card in surrender. Rounds continue until a player has either played something no other player can overcome, or defeated the previous opponent and no cards are left to play. If either happens the game is over and whoever played the remaining card in play is the victor of The Ultimate Showdown!

Guidelines of Play

The same or similar thing cannot be played twice. Players can add one non-explicit trait per card. If there is a debate as to if a card should beat another, defer to the spectators judgment first, or vote of players in game second, or lastly rock-paper-scissors. All rulings are final and the game moves on. One exception to the rule is the last battle can be declared a stalemate if there is no clear victor. Have Fun!!!

Optional Rules

These rules are not mandatory but can be used to alter gameplay and hopefully make it more enjoyable.

All powerful God cards are not allowed to be played. This does not include a God like Zeuss who has weaknesses, in other words the card can't be invincible.

Games can start by having the person starting it create the world and optional rules that will apply to the game.

Players can opt to use dice rather than using a part or all of the decision making tools when there is a debate as to if a card should beat another.

Decks can be as few as 3 cards per person no matter how many players (I usually play with 3 cards per deck).

If there are any optional rules you find helpful or just fun, please email them to me so I can add them at